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Encore Score index ranks Australia’s most loved and loathed celebrities

King ‘Kyle’ Sandilands and Shane Warne have made it, while Australian pollies have avoided being included in the bottom 10 firing line of the annual and often amusing Encore Score popularity list, writes Melissa Hoyer.


Kyle Sandilands more popular than Tony Abbott in The Encore Score

According to The Encore Score, a survey of 3000 members of the general public which aims to gauge the popularity of Australian celebrities, disgraced performer Rolf Harris is this year's most disliked personality.


Kyle Sandilands, Shane Warne and Lara Bingle crowned Australia's most DISLIKED celebrities in popularity poll

Shock jock Kyle Sandilands, cricketer Shane Warne and model Lara Bingle (nee Worthington) have been named Australia’s least liked celebrities in the annual Encore Score popularity listing, writes Jessica Aquilina for Daily Mail Australia.

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It’s official — radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands is no longer the most hated celebrity in Australia

This year’s Encore Score was released today, gauging the popularity of those in the limelight, and revealed who we love and who we loathe. And controversial radio shock jock Kyle Sandilands is no longer at the top of the least liked list.


Tony Abbott, Rolf Harris Dethrone Kyle Sandilands As Most Hated Australians

Taking home the Razzies-equivalent of public popularity overnight, former Australian entertainer and convicted sex offender, Rolf Harris, has officially been graced with the title, 'Australia's Most Hated Public Figure', according to The Encore Score.


The results of the 2015 Encore Score unveiled at Mumbrella360

A panel made up of the people behind The Encore Score and M&C Saatchi creative director Ben Welsh launched The Encore Score at the Mumbrella360 conference.

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Amanda Keller - Number 8 on the Encore Score in 2015

In a profile of Amanda Keller, her Encore Score was brought to her attention. After hearing she ranks above Nicole Kidman, she commented: "Where’s my Etihad commercial? But wow, that’s quite nice.”


Australia's 10 most loved and hated celebrities of 2015 named

V Music celebrates the all singing, all dancing Hugh Jackman, the Encore Score's consistent MVP. And, of course, they take a look at the bottom of the list where Australia's least fav celebs hang out.

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