What is the Encore Score?

Find out what the Encore Score is and how it can help you

Launched in 2012, The Encore Score is a survey of the public designed to gauge the popularity of Australian personalities. Using a list of more than 700 local and international names that have graced Australian screens, radios, magazines and billboards, The Encore Score asks more than 3,000 everyday people whether these names are their most or least favourite.

From 2016, The Encore Score is powered by YouGov's Influencer Index. To find out more and purchase a report, click here.

Work your demographic

Who's popular with millennials or Gen X, men or women? The answers may surprise.

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Have a media profile?

Find out what every day Australians really think about you.

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Cast your next campaign

Let the Encore Score help you find the best talent for your demographic.

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